This department will research information about the history of the community, of the public institutions that serve and have served the community for in some case over a century as well as of the businesses and local non profits that have served the community for as long as it has existed. The information will hopefully inform as well as remind the community of all the institutions public and private that are incessantly striving to enhance the quality of life of those who find ourselves as residents, workers from other communities and visitors.

A “Did you Know?” has been developed that would list tidbits of information about the community; its institutions that we hope would be of great interest to many.

Art and Design

The Print version will be headed by George Okello a graphic designer specializing in magazine designing and who has been in the business for several years. His company provides specialty design services for a variety of companies. He is a graduate of the Kenya Polytechnic University and has worked with various Advertising Agencies in their creative department for over a decade where he designed and produced annual reports, magazines, books, brochures, posters and catalogues. He has worked with the United Nations producing publications for both UNEP and UN HABITAT. He is currently consulting with the East Africa Wildlife Society designing and producing a quarterly magazine on conservation issues.

The website version will be spearheaded by Rachael Kalicun, a website designer with great experience having clients spanning the several states, notably California and Colorado.

We hope to have a visually pleasing publication laid out in a manner that would facilitate easy perusing and reading.


The publication will be mailed to every household in East Palo Alto. According to the 2010 census, there are approximately 7000 households in East Palo Alto with a population of approximately 28,155 (2010). Copies will also be distributed to all institutions within the city.


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