East Palo Alto InFORMation is a one of a kind publication in East Palo Alto in both print and internet based that seeks to, one, take a snapshot of the FORM that the community of East Palo Alto is in at a moment in time; two, provides information as in a vehicle that seeks to INFORM providing historical as well as other information that may or may not be popular currency; three, tracks the changes the community inevitably goes through as it acquires new residents, new business enterprises, sees new leadership emerge , in other words a community that is constantly and perpetually in FORMATION; and four to be an INFORMATION resource that provides information that may not exist in the media instruments that currently serve the community.

Our goal is to publish a one of a kind, useful, and effective first East Palo Alto Resource Directory that would inform local residents, businesses, employees in local companies of the history past and present of the community that has been known variously as Ravenswood, North Palo Alto, Nairobi, and is currently known as East Palo Alto. East Palo Alto InFORMation shall provide pertinent and interesting information on public agencies including special districts, businesses, community agencies as well as individual residents of note.

East Palo Alto INFORMation is in the business of helping people and institutions understand the environment they live, work, as well as do business in. It offers reliable, verifiable historical and contemporary information about living, working and doing business in East Palo Alto.

East Palo in FORMATION will provide well researched information about East Palo Alto and present it in a well designed print publication that would be widely disseminated to all residents of the city as well as all the institutions that serve the residents, the workers as well as visitors to the community.

is the product of an idea that has been in the making for several years, even decades. The idea started off with the publisher’s interest and involvement with photography that has to date resulted in thousand of pictures of places, structures, events and people of and in East Palo Alto.

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