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Introducing East Palo Alto Information

Who We Are

East Palo Alto InFORMation is a one of a kind publication in East Palo Alto in both print and internet based that seeks to, one, take a snapshot of the FORM that the community of East Palo Alto is in at a moment in time; two, provides information as in a vehicle that seeks to INFORM providing historical as well as other information that may or may not be popular currency; three, tracks the changes the community inevitably goes through as it acquires new residents, new business enterprises, sees new leadership emerge , in other words a community that is constantly and perpetually in FORMATION; and four to be an INFORMATION resource that provides information that may not exist in the media instruments that currently serve the community.

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What’s New

March 1, 2012 in blog

East Palo Alto needs its own Zip Code!

ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) Codes as a system designed to improve the sorting and delivery of mail was instituted in the United States in 1963. The zones when established, apparently were not intended to be aligned with municipal boundaries. In people‚Äôs minds however, regardless of the intent of the creators, ZIP Codes have become indistinguishable from cities and communities. This has been equally true for businesses. The first digit, 0-9 designates the general area of the country with numbers increasing …

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